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anxiety & depression 

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a strategy for our brain to keep us safe and is an important part of life, but for some people anxiety can be absolutely debilitating and it can feel like a permanent battle. A battle that often results in emotional distress and living in a world that feels very small.  Anxiety is often prevalent for those who have had difficult and traumatic experiences in the past and anxiety can start to take over because the brain is reacting to everything as if it is a threat to safety. It can get to the point where even the smallest of tasks or experiences can seem overwhelming and our minds becomes trapped in a loop of negative thoughts.

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Possible Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Physical sensations such as chest tightening, racing heart, upset stomach

  • Finding yourself avoiding situations or places that might cause anxiety

  • Constant worrying about upcoming events or plans 

  • Feeling stuck in a mind trap of not being able to stop replaying possible outcomes

  • Restlessness and insomnia

  • A sense of dread or feeling of panic for no seemingly valid reason

  • Panic attacks (can involve trembling, sweating, nausea, chest pains, fear of dying or something being seriously wrong, dizziness, and palpitations

When we try to push anxiety away, or we avoid situations or experiences to feel relief, it only has the result of making it stronger. It’s like feeding the anxiety monster. Read my recent article about this.

If you’re feeling that your anxiety is getting in the way of you living your life then talk to me about ways we can work with your anxiety instead of fighting the losing and exhausting battle against it.

I offer anxiety counselling to youth and adults throughout B.C. through online and video therapy and in-person in North Vancouver.

Depression Counselling

Depression can be situational; it might follow a relationship breakdown or a job loss and this is perfectly normal and it’s absolutely appropriate to seek counselling to get some support through this. For some people though, depression has been a constant companion for many years. 

Depression has many causes and ways of expressing itself. For some people depression has become a way for the brain to keep you safe, it is just a part of you that has developed or adapted due to experiences you've been through. That depressed part may have developed because at some point in your life someone caused you pain and your brain is dedicated to avoiding that happening again and so by emotionally holding you down (or depressing you), you aren’t meeting new people, trying new things, or being out in the world where you could be hurt again. For some people depression has appeared since a difficult life transition such as a divorce, or illness, or loss. For other people depression seems to just appear for no reason at all and you are just hit by this wave of darkness that seems to have no end. When feelings of depression are there for people, it can seem impossible to see a way out due to our brain being so negatively biased. 

Possible Symptoms of Depression:

  • Insomnia or over sleeping

  • Feelings of hopelessness and despair

  • Lack of energy or motivation

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities

  • Difficulty concentrating or carrying out tasks

  • Unable to find anything positive about life (read more about negative bias here)

  • Thoughts of suicide or suicidal behaviours (please call 1-800-SUICIDE if you need help now) 

  • Appetitite changes, lack of appetite or cravings and binging

  • Physical issues such as headaches and unexplainable aches and pains

There are many incredible counselling approaches to help with feelings of depression. These approaches can target not just the way you are feeling emotionally but also your body and how depression has affected you somatically. If any of this speaks to you and you are wanting a change, you are wanting to feel pleasure and motivation in life again, we can work together to find your path through. Just because you haven’t been able to find it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

I offer depression counselling to youth and adults in B.C. through either online therapy, telephone, or in-person North Vancouver based counselling sessions.

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