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Self-discovery counselling

Are there aspects of your life that are not working for you? Feeling stuck? Noticing unhealthy patterns in relationships? Or perhaps you just want to get to know yourself better. Self-discovery counselling can be a fulfilling and life changing path to take.

I’ve included a list below of some of the topics my clients often like to cover, yours may not be on the list so please get in touch and we can chat about what your focus for self-discovery counselling might be.

  • Boundaries: Perhaps no-one ever modelled appropriate boundaries to you, or perhaps you’ve been in relationships where it didn’t feel safe to set them confidently. Learn to set healthy boundaries with friends, partners, and colleagues and see what a huge difference it can make in your relationships.  

  • Family of Origin Issues: Have a chance to explore your family dynamics, discuss family conflict, mental health challenges, and resentments. Learn about attachment style and how to use this knowledge in a positive way in future relationships.

  • Confidence and Self-Worth: The feeling of being “never enough” or “not good enough” is a loop that can go round and round and is often caused by attachment injuries or trauma earlier in life. Perhaps it’s time for you start to see for yourself what others see in you already.

  • Anger: Do you find yourself losing it? Maybe your friends or partner have commented on your anger. Learn about what's happening for you when your anger part is activated and find ways to calm your nervous system and keep your cool. 

  • Sexuality: Talk about your sexuality in a safe and understanding place. Perhaps you’re questioning your sexuality currently, or struggling with reactions to identifying as gay, queer, lesbian, bi, asexual or any other identity on the LGBTQ2+ spectrum.

  • Gender: Gender identity and expression are unique aspects for each of us and there can be judgment and stigma for people who are trans, non-binary and gender diverse. Speak openly about your experience in a safe and confidential space.  

  • Values: When we live outside of our own value system this can create what is known as cognitive dissonance and it doesn’t feel good! Take the time to explore your own values that are separate from your family of origin and start to evaluate how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

  • Inner Child Work: Your inner child is the you that existed before the world taught you not to be yourself. Connecting with your inner child can be incredibly important for people who have experienced trauma, but also extremely valuable for everyone as it allows us to connect with this beautiful, creative, fun being that we have perhaps lost touch with.

  • Shame: the feeling of chronic shame can lead to a number of mental health challenges and interpersonal issues. Perhaps you don’t even know where this shame part has come from and why it’s there. We can work through your feelings of shame and come out the other side with a new perspective and increased self-worth.

  • Neurodivergence: Have you recently been diagnosed with ADHD or are perhaps curious as to whether you might be neurodivergent? Let's talk it through and find some clarity, understanding, and a path forward.

  • Who Am I? – Learning About Yourself: Counselling can be a helpful way to start to figure out who you are and how you want to live in the world. Start on the path to your true self by asking challenging questions and exploring your life choices.

a woman sits on a hill with her hands on her chin thinking about life

Self-discovery counselling is available to youth and adults by in-person North Vancouver counselling sessions and throughout British Columbia through telephone or online counselling.

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