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helen whitehead counselling social media policy


As part of my registration with the British Columbian Association of Clinical Counsellors I am required to have a Social Media Policy. Please take a read for clarification on how Helen Whitehead Counselling uses social media, how I respond to communication over social media, and how I maintain client confidentiality.


Helen Whitehead Counselling Instagram

I do operate a business Instagram page under the username @hwcounselling. This is a public account designed to share relevant posts relating to mental health tips, it does not offer individual advice or intend to act as a substitute for therapy. While a client is welcome to follow this account please be aware that this may infer to others that you are a client and therefore please do so at your own discretion. To protect your confidentiality, I will never respond to questions or comments by a client on Instagram or reveal my relationship to you. All questions/inquiries must be sent through the email account or by phone on 604-7254684. While I do follow other mental health professionals and related accounts, I do not follow clients or former clients.

Personal Social Media Accounts

I will not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any personal social networking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). This is to maintain professional boundaries, confidentiality, and maintain a high ethical standard of practice.

Business Review Sites

You may find Helen Whitehead Counselling on sites such as Yelp or Google where online client reviews are possible. If you should find my business on one of these sites please know this is not a request for a review or a rating, as while you are able to post reviews for where you wish, doing this would impact your confidentiality and anonymity and I want to protect this as much as possible.


If you have any questions about this policy please do get in touch and note that should this policy by updated I will notify you with the changes to review.

Many thanks for reading,

Helen Whitehead

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